Cycling computer for the seasoned cyclist, with over twenty meters, it can record your trips just for you, and if you want for your friends. No registration required. Four different screen layouts, each one holding the readouts you want.


  • 22+ different highly specific meters for cyclists (and more coming).
  • 4 different screen layouts, you choose which one suits your ride better.
  • Within each screen, you choose which meters to view on your cyclist-dashboard.
  • Can rotate the map towards the direction of driving, for easiness of reading.
  • Works in landscape or portrait mode.
  • It is optional and private to record your rides.
  • Publishing rides on the internet or Facebook is optional and you decide whom you share.


  • See your saved rides in a map and display its records: calories, distance, METs, etc.
  • Calories and METs are calculated according to your body specific composition.


  • Can displays current traffic conditions.
  • Support for Imperial and Metric units.
  • Active actions (like resetting a trip) are activated by physically pushing a button, convenient when maneuverability is limited.
  • Can record your trip with the screen turned off, to save battery or if you have the phone on your pocket. Also, if you need to use another app, it will keep recording on the background. (i.e. when you are checking your email during a stop, it will keep calculating overall averages.).
  • You can move the map around with your finger to clarify your driving directions. Then with one tap, centre the map in your position.